Battery Replacement
Do you need your watch battery replaced? Here at Ruby's Jewelry Shop, we have a wide selection of batteries to accommodate many different types of watches.  Our watchmakers are experienced and knowledgeable about all brands of watches. They will make sure you get the right battery for your watch or the cost is on us. 


Crystal Replacement
Is the crystal on your watch cracked, scratched, or gauged? We will buff out scratches or completely replace the crystal for you. If we can’t find the perfect size crystal for your watch we will make a brand new crystal for your watch. We replace plastic, glass, or synthetic sapphire watch crystals. 


Bands / Straps
Looking to replace your old watch band? We offers a wide variety of band sizes and styles. We have a complete selection of leather, rubber, and even metal watch bands. Some metal bands don’t need to be replaced; they can just be polished to look like new.

Crown / Stem
Are you unable to set the time on your watch? This could be because your crown or stem has been broken. Our experienced watchmakers can replace almost any broken crown or stem. This type of repair is one of the most common repairs we make. We can even convert watches from water resistant to water-proof.


Is it time for your watch to get an overhaul? Industry standards suggest that a watch has an overhaul every five years. This will ensure that your watch is working perfectly all the time. Just because your watch is running fine does not mean you don’t need servicing. Overhauling will protect your investment and prevent costly damages. In this process, we take apart the movement pieces and clean and oil them. Then we provide new gaskets and seals. Our last step is cleaning and polishing the casing and band.

Does your watch not have the same shin as the day you bought it? When you first bought your watch it was factory fresh and free of any imperfections. It’s probably taken quite a beating since then. We offer our professional cleaning and re-surface finishing that makes your watch look like new.